Mobile Phone Radiation

             MOBILE PHONES

mobile phone radiationAs we can see from the table below, holding a mobile phone to the side of the head is at the top of the list, with dangerous readings of up to 150 V/m!  10 times more than a laptop on your lap!

Proximity is very important!  Try not to hold the phone so close to your head,

table showing strength of microwave technologiesan Airtube Headset is a great remedy to this, otherwise, turn the volume right up or use the speaker phone and hold the phone at least a few inches away from your head.

aeroplane mode

Make a habit of putting the phone into aeroplane mode each night when sleeping, this will switch off all wireless activity, your phone will not recieve calls/texts, will charge faster and the alarm clock will still work.

A Shungite Plate is a must have, especially if you have a smart phone and use it regularly.  Shungite is a rare mineral stone found only in Russia, shungite plate for smart phoneit has unique properties being a rare type of diamagnetic, therefore having the ability to attenuate electric fields of different natures. shungite plate for smart phone



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