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Cool Call Anti Radiation Device


This device plugs into the jack socket of your phone and stops microwave radiation travelling up the wires of your chosen headphones.  Also removes interference resulting in a higher quality audio experience.

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How does Cool Call work?

Plug Cool Call into the audio out jack socket of a mobile cell phone – iPhone 7 and X owners use an Apple Lighting connector adaptor – then plug your headset jack into the socket in the Cool Call unit.  Microwave from the phone, which travels up the metal core of your corded headset, will be absorbed by Cool Call and you can still use earphones with microphones to make your calls.

Mobile phones emit microwave radiation even if you are not on a call, so if you listen to music on your phone with headphones then you are exposing yourself to microwave radiation – unless you use Cool Call.  When listening to music in an area of poor reception with a corded headset or headphones, for example on the Tube, then your mobile phone will increase its power in an attempt to connect to the network and the damage to the body may be increased.

Electromagnetic frequencies (specifically those between 800 MHz and 4 GHz, commonly known as microwaves) which are emitted from the phone or device, and which would ordinarily travel straight up the cable past the thyroid and salivary glands, eye and enter the audio canal – a highway to the brain – is absorbed by the H.A.R.D. Protection technology within Cool Call.  Cool Call contains one of a series of powerful dielectrics which we utilise in our own gelatinous formulas contained in sealed chambers within the device.

Cool Call utilises different dielectrics to suit the specific requirement of our various anti-radiation products.  For the H.A.R.D. device we use a titanium oxide based dielectric, CCTO, suspended in a unique formula gel, with a dielectric constant of 10,200ε, which absorbs unwanted electromagnetic frequencies that either parallel track the less than 1 volt signal travelling up the cable or act as an antenna for ambient electromagnetic frequencies.

Cool Call does not need batteries, is strong and simple to use.

Cool Call improves your music

Because Cool Call absorbs microwave which travels up the cable of corded headphones and earphones it also removes interference and improves the audio quality.  Music sounds clearer and smoother without loss of detail.

Better audio and less exposure to microwave, Cool Call is the best of both worlds.